Using GIS


Heatmap for ringforts in southern Ireland

Heatmap Explanation

The dark red areas contain the highest number of ringforts. While the yellow areas represent areas with a smaller number of ringforts than that in red areas. The green areas contain a smaller number of ringforts than that in yellow areas and much less than ringforts that in red areas.

Relationship Between Ringforts And Watermills

To analyse the relationship between ringforts and watermills buffer and proximity tools were applied. Both tools gave the same result.
However, there is no relationships in the location of ringforts and water mills. As shown, most ring forts area (red areas) don’t have water mills near of it and most water mills have many ring forts near of it.

Ringfort Position With Respect to Elevation

The average elevation, above the sea level, of Ringforts is 76.734 m, the minimum height is 1.21 m, and the maximum height is about 242 m. However, there are more than 5,600 Ringforts within elevation range of (50, 97) m.


A viewshed with a radius of 10 km and an offset of 3.
The green areas represent the areas that can be seen from at least one of the ringforts where the cantaloupe areas are the areas that cannot be seen from any of the ringforts.

The View From The Top Of A Round Tower

A potential Movement Using The “Ox Cart” Modification Of Slope

A potential Movement Using The “Ox Cart” Modification of Slope With Considering The Rivers

Model Builder In Finding Potential Movement